Hemp: one of the 5 sacred plants in the vedas!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

There are considered to be four Vedas in the history of India:





From these four Vedas, Rigved

a and Atharvaveda study the history of plants and its benefits dating back to the ancient civilizations and days of yore. Hinduism as a religion believes in trees as deities that are worthy of being worshipped.

Hence, tree worshipping has long been established as a tradition in Hinduism. This religion believes that trees are the sole source of our survival, and we owe our fragile life to this immense mass of flora.

There are five plants that are considered sacred in Vedas, namely, Neem, Jasmine, Tulsi, Sandalwood, and Hemp. Ayurvedic scripts refer to cannabis or marijuana as Vijaya, translated from Sanskrit. Cannabis, alias ganja, or bhang is well-known for its affiliation with Lord Shiva. It is believed to have been introduced to mankind by

. It is a tale of a time that Lord Shiva once stormed off to the fields after having a bad feud with his family. There, the mere scent and aroma of hemp calmed his nerves. It was only then that he started investigating more and more about the plant. It has been used by a lot of sages since time immemorial to attain a higher sense of self, and nirvana. Ever since that time, hemp has been cultivated as a source of oil and medicine since it is jampacked with properties that are considered therapeutic. It has properties that act as antidepressants and balance hormones.

The nutritional composition of Indian hemp seed is approximately 20-25% protein, 25-35% oil, 20-30% carbohydrates, and 10-15% insoluble fiber. Hemp is also a source of raw materials for the manufacturing of various kinds of products, such as bedsheets, clothes, etc. the cannabinoid is also used for its scent in the perfume industry. This plant offers plenty of goodness to mankind.

India was the origin of hemp as medicine, and we ought to respect how versatile it is, in all aspects. The hemp cloth is perhaps the best suitable cloth for the environment as well as for our bodies. Hemp towel doesn’t lead to any rash at all. And is extremely durable. It acts as a shield to ultraviolet rays and can be dyed easily, thus making it an extremely convenient cloth for the fashion industry as well.

A plant which is used perhaps in every industry, from medicinal, to paper and clothing industry, it’s time we make some conscious changes to our tastes and preferences for ourselves and this environment, by resorting to hemp, which has been a part of our culture and usage for far too long now. Just as our medicinal and spiritual culture embraces hemp, it’s time we do too.

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