HEMP vs MARIJUANA - Breaking the Ice!

In a world where delusions prevail over facts, it’s fair to address the elephant in the room; Marijuana and Hemp are not the same! Despite the fact that both of these have startlingly contrasting differences, they suffer from legality issues, procuring issues, and let’s not forget, the stigma that the society brings with itself. So let’s clear the smoke on this utterly misconstrued topic and be aware of the fact that hemp and marijuana have four key differences between them;

1) The constituents

Both hemp as well as marijuana produce high amounts of CBD, but the THC that is produced is altogether different.

Hemp does not contain more than 0.3% THC, where as marijuana contains up to 30% content of THC.

So all the misinformation about these two can be proved baseless on the simple fact that their very composition differs.

2) Legality

Hemp and marijuana are regulated differently by different nations. They do not fall under the same ambit of laws.

Marijuana continues to be treated as a regular substance but hemp, considering the immense benefits it offers, was legalised along with the hemp products.

3) Cultivation and growth

The way to cultivate these two also differs. Marijuana is bred in such a way where it produces female plants that yields budding flowers.

On the other hand, hemp is used to maximise its size and yield, guess why?

Because it grows at a very fast pace and literally anywhere! It’s very low on maintenance and is cultivated within 14 weeks! Hence, hemp doesn’t require the level of maintenance that is required to grow marijuana.

4) Their usage

This aspect is the crux of the whole contention. The very uses of hemp and marijuana differ. Whilst marijuana is used for medicinal and recreational purposes, hemp is used in a plethora of products, owing to how excellent its fibre is. It’s used to make clothes, bed sheets, hemp face mask, and what’s amusing is that hemp textile industry is flourishing in the first world nations!

From food products to medicinal products to industrial products, hemp is used extensively for the betterment of customer satisfaction.

Do we still have a reason to attach stigma to such a miraculous plant?

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