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Shirts & Trousers

INR 850/-Onwards

Simple Shirt - Rs. 850/-

Designer Shirt - Rs. 1,000/-

Trousers - Rs. 1,200/-

Designer Trousers - Rs. 1,700/-

Suits & Blazers

INR 7000/-Onwards

2 Piece Suit - Rs. 7,000/-

Designer 2 Pc - Rs. 8,000/-

3 Piece Suit - Rs. 9,000/-

Designer 3 Pc - Rs. 11,000/-

Ceremonial Collection

INR 850/-Onwards

Simple Kurta - Rs. 850/-

Designer Kurta - Rs. 1,200/-

Kurta Pyjama Set - Rs.1,400/-

Jawahar Cut - Rs. 2,500/-

Designer - Rs. 3,000/-

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The time needed to complete the bespoke process is dependent on each individual’s fittings rounds, alterations and our order volume. However, a typical waiting time for a full suit to be made will take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Once your final order is ready you can come and collect it from our boutique in Kw Delhi 6 Mall, or if you live in Delhi NCR we can arrange for it to be delivered to your home, office, or wherever!

Hemploom offers a wide & diverse range of fabrics that create possibilities to choose from the latest colours, exclusive patterns, unprecedented designs and refined textures to personalize your wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends.

Over 50+ fabrics ranging from 100% Hemp to Hemp blends available to choose from ensuring that each & every client achieves an exclusive look of their own that reflects personal taste & style. Learn More

Our shirts are made with 60 & 70 Lea light weight yet luxurious fine Hemp and drape the body effortless and provide lasting comfort beneath the bespoke suit.

The excellent strength and superior quality of these fine fabrics is our secret to producing sturdy garments that last and perform for decades of wear. Learn More

As of now HS is based in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, UP.  We aim to have several locations in Delhi NCR and beyond over the course of the next year. We want as many access points so people can always have enjoy the Hemploom experience. Keep checking our website for updates!