Handloom weaving is a labour of love as much as it’s a source of livelihood. It requires utmost patience, artistry, and technical skills not to mention physical strength!

The weaver’s hand is at the heart of this intricate process. They select the yarn, pattern, colour, texture, and precise technique to create their desired aesthetic.

The fabric carries the energy and personality of the weaver and it becomes part of the garment’s story.

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Image by Noemí Jiménez
Image by Mika Baumeister

In the textile industry, dye lot variations are common and color shifts can happen with 'stock' colors. However, when you have your own custom dye lot created, much more stringent controls are added so the mill can meet the specifications. The result is repeatable and reliable with a maximum variation of 3% - 5%.


Hemploom is providing eco-friendly printing solutions for the development of the textile industry. Our printing unit supports the talent of many artisans who belong to small villages to provide them with a respected and stable means of livelihood. We promote​ artisan-made home decor and garment products that can help and eliminate manufacturing waste to achieve zero waste in factories. Thus, offering eco-friendly solutions and providing custom industrial services to vexing problems. 

We at Hemploom also work with customers and specialists in other fields to constantly improve our quality, especially to manufacture products made of hemp and other sustainable fabrics.

Our versatility and hard work support us in addressing the varied and vast needs of our customers that keep changing due to the industry's dynamic nature. Along with environment-friendly solutions, we also focus on delivering high-end customer service and commit to meeting our customers' expectations.


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We love seeing how our garment manufacturing skills contribute towards your journey of building the dream clothing label. In that sense, we're not just another clothing manufacturer who aim one time business with you; rather we live with your mission to help and grow your clothing label as your small batch cut and sew manufacturers!

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